The CH1ChesterBID area covers the highlighted areas on the map.

BID Area

The CH1ChesterBID area covers the highlighted area on the map above. All businesses in this area will benefit from being part of the Business Improvement District (BID) and the key initiatives outlined in our business plan will be delivered in this area over the five-year term.

The BID area has been carefully defined so that it is compact enough to have a significant impact on the businesses within it, but large enough to make it worthwhile for everyone involved.

The overall BID fund will be in excess of £2.5 million over the five year BID term. This funding will only be spent on projects designed to directly benefit businesses within this area – as determined by the CH1ChesterBIDboard – following consultations with the BID members.

If, you’re not sure whether your business is within the BID boundary, please get in touch with the BID team.

CH1 BID area by street :

  • Abbey Green
  • Bell Tower Walk
  • Bridge Street
  • Bridge Street Row
  • Eastgate Row North
  • Eastgate Row South
  • Eastgate Street
  • Foregate Street
  • Forum Shopping Centre
  • Frodsham Court
  • Frodsham Square
  • Frodsham Street
  • Godstall Lane
  • Hunter Street
  • Love Street
  • Music Hall Passage
  • Newgate Row
  • Newgate Street
  • Northgate Row
  • Northgate Street
  • Paddock Row
  • Pepper Row
  • Pepper Street
  • Princess Street
  • Rufus Court
  • St Johns Street
  • St Michaels Row
  • St Michaels Square
  • St Werburgh Street
  • Watergate Row
  • Watergate Street




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